Our Programmes

Drop-Off Classes

Daily Independent Sessions

18 months - 6 years

Due to Covid-19 we are currently only offering a 3-day Morning Session

With small class numbers, flexible enrolment and variable timings (Morning, Lunch Group and Extended Day sessions), our Drop-Off sessions are an ideal way to start your child's journey to independence.

Our Bilingual Arts-Based curriculum provides daily opportunities to build pre-reading and pre-writing skills, instil creativity & confidence and develop language, social interaction and self-help skills.

Weekly Independent Enrichment Sessions

Discovery Clubs


Cultural Arts

We paint, draw, sing and dance using traditional Chinese Art techniques and cultural experiences

Music Club

Let's move to the groove and develop our musical skills through percussive instruments and songs

Mandarin Speech & Drama

Mandarin is easy when you learn through stories and drama! Our highly creative curriculum helps build confidence and fluency even for non-native speakers

Cooking Club

Children + Food = Fun! But we also inculcate invaluable life skills and healthy eating habits along the way!

Due to the Covid-19 situation all Enrichment & Parent Accompanied Sessions are on hold

Accompanied Programmes

At the PLAYhouse - we truly value having parents and children involved together in a creative, fun-filled environment – doing all that cool stuff that makes growing up fun!

Mini Bugs

Age range : 6 - 18 months old 

The world is a wonderful place - so let’s get busy exploring it together!  We’ll sing and dance with twirling ribbons, play peek-a-boo games with puppets, prod and poke with our busy little fingers and toes, splash water and mix paint to create a kaleidoscope of colourful pictures! Watch me climb and balance, drink from my cup and make my own artsy masterpieces! ALL BY MYSELF . . . and a wee bit of help from you !

Doodle & Chatter Bugs

Age range : 1½ - 3½ years

As challenging as this age may seem, we consider it to be the "Terrific Two's” - it really is a wondrous time of self-discovery and exploration when their boundless energy should be both celebrated and encouraged!  The words “messy” and “dirty” just aren’t in our vocabulary – we love being “colourful” and our classroom is set up to let inquiring minds and bodies enjoy all our fabulous touchie-feelie activities and art projects to the max!

Please contact us for more information about our programmes, rates and availability.


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